Hmong people

At the time of the Indochina war, Hmongs people partially sided with France. However, after the collapse of Dien Bien Phu in 1954, the French government turned away from them. Hmongs people are abandoned for the first time. In the 60s, the war in Vietnam is intense. A part of Hmongs of Laos are recruited and trained by the CIA to participate in a secret war against the North-Vietnamese. In 1975, the Americans leave the country. The war is lost. Hmongs is, for the second time, abandoned to their fate

Hmongs are considered since this time as traitors and persecuted as such by the Laotian authorities. In thirty years, tens of thousand persons ran away towards the Thailand, France, the United States and many other countries in the world to find a refuge. In 2004, five thousand Hmongs ran away from Laos in the northeast of the Thailand. In 2009, They expel nevertheless about 4000 persons, and send them back in Laos in prisons  or camps.

Today, Hmong settled down in the region Xieng Khouang where they live in peace with other ethnic minorities. Northward also several Hmong communities became established but are not still accepted. In the mountains, just few warriors faithful to their mission of the 70s still fight against the communist oppressor of Laos.