The Donkey City


6000 donkeys for 24000 inhabitants, the Lamu Island off Kenya holds certainly a world record. This situation is caused to the narrow streets, in which no vehicle can pass. We may find only two cars on the island and one of them is the Ambulance for donkeys. These quadrupeds are part of the city and serve for working and transport. Lamu is the oldest town inhabited in Kenya. Situated at the edge of the Indian Ocean, the city kept its thousand-year-old charm.

The donkeys of Lamu have a sanctuary, based in 1987 by the international Fund for the protection of donkeys, which gives them free medical care, a shelter and a biennial program of déparasitage was set up. The sanctuary also collects tired donkeys by the work so that they finish their days in this peaceful pension. The day of a donkey of Lamu begins with the transport of the foodstuffs from the main street to shops. Then they cary the  building materials. They work until twilight, after they return to their refuge

Besides their hard labour, the donkeys of Lamu make humanitarian tasks. They serve as ambulances to transport the sick persons, but participate to a wedding is the most prestigious task for the donkeys of Lamu.